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or rather
"Talking about poetry is like dancing about architecture"
(as we paraphrase Frank Zappa)

Artonirico came into being thanks to the fortunate encounter of three young friends that took place in a working-class neighbourhood in Genoa, namely Marassi, and more precisely in its most futuristic part called "Il Biscione", as the backdrop to anti-hero Fantomas. Why fortunate? Because, to their very wonder, they found out they all were avid readers driven by a common taste for puns, staggered by transverse visions and by associations continuously devised, vomited and ejaculated, which at times, though, give way to the pleasure of enjoying assonance and harmony. Since then - that is since the end of the Seventies - along with the pleasure of fiddling with words, there have been ongoing readings based on diverse modes and in different worlds where poetry conflates with images, colours and sounds.
Our principles are built around three main ideas:

It stems from the awareness that there is an abundance of words, images and sounds which lie hidden in drawers, may come alive just to that existence and yet are lost to most people. What is more, elitist poetry, which judges the multitude that writes and thinks with conceit and annoyance, provokes in us outbursts of hives.

We claim the necessity and not only the possibility of screaming out loud "I KNOW BUT I CANNOT PROVE IT!" along the routes of the corsair poet.

It is the joy to be found within a community of intents, of inclusive enlarged projects, not only shared but also partaken in: in other words, for us words merge with bodies, voices, smells.

ARTONIRICO website, an armed branch of poetic thinking, brings together and welcomes diverse ways of interpreting our existence; it is an expanded combination that rejoices upon embracing new presences, and yet needs body contact. Thus it is not exclusively consumed within the sacristy of the net, in fact it is alive and vital. Indeed, it occupies space and time.

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